Cycling to conserve Africa’s best beach-Diani


Diani Cycling Association,creates awareness on the need to conserve the environment along the beach/Photo Caroline kahonzi

By Caroline kahonzi


Neptune  village beach resort and spa  Diani has partnered  with Diani cycling association Kwale county to create awareness among   locals  in Diani and Ukunda on the importance of conserving the environment especially along the beach.


Speaking  to journalists  after cleaning  Neptune  beach, the director of operations Neptune hotels east Africa Vickram korla  said it is important to have a safe and conducive environment around the beach .


“As you know Diani  beach has been voted  as the best beach in Africa 7 times in a row ,but  we have to keep it clean because this is God’s gift to Kenya , we are using cycling to create  awareness  for the community within Ukunda  on the importance of conserving the Environment .


Mr. Korla urged the community to ensure they maintain cleanliness along the beach as a way of attracting more  tourists .


“You can’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs ,the beach is what brings tourists to Kenya and the feeling of safe and secured environment ,if we leave this beach dirty and the guests coming here don’t feel safe within the environment ,they will stop coming and that will be a big blow to us and  our economy ,”Said Mr.Korla .


Korla  is now calling upon the government to have an  open sky policy that will allow commercial aircrafts  land at the  Mombasa international airport .



“As you all know we had trying  times  during the Covid-19 ,for the last two months the business has been good , as a  member of Kenya association of hotel keepers and caterers  coast region , we are trying to lobby the  National government to have an  open air policy to allow commercial aircrafts  land at  Mombasa international airport  this will bring us more tourists ,”Noted Mr .Korla .


On his side Rev. Peter Odanga one of the  Diani cycling founders stated the importance of cycling exercise on health  issues .


“We came to understand that bicycle  cycling is a good way  of   exercising. Our aim is to create awareness to the community about  their health and the benefits of  conserving our  environment, we have cycled and finally cleaned Neptune beach,”Said Mr.Odanga.


Mr. Odanga  termed  cycling  to be among the tourist attractions  in The  south coast .


“there many places where tourists can not access because they travel by vans ,in kwale we have places like Chale and Funzi island where one can access through cycling ,so cycling is very important ,so Diani bikes put in place measures of taking tourists to remote areas through cycling ,”Emphasized the Rev.


He added that the cycling  that  covered  approximately 22 kilometers started at leopard beach and ended at Neptune beach Diani with beach cleaning exercises .


Echoing his sentiments Nashon Onyalo, an investor in Diani called upon investors to come out in numbers  and support the  development  initiatives .


“we are very glad to support initiatives like this , cycling and beach cleaning ,we are talking of sustainable development and global warming ,cycling is very important not only to our  health  but also to have an environment that’s  is healthy and  conducive   ,”Said Mr.Onyalo


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