County official investigated as DCI probes alleged torture at Eldoret Rescue Centre!


-The police commander for Soy Sub County, Zuma, has confirmed that one of the officers who was mentioned negatively by the torture victims will provide further statements, while the DCI officers carry out their investigations.-

David Njenga an Eldoret based trader who is a victim of Torture at the Eldoret Rescue Centre

Investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations raided Eldoret Rescue Centre on Thursday and apprehended a government employee who allegedly participated in the torture of residents. The centre has been plagued by accusations of human rights violations in recent times.

The victim, who escaped from the rescue centre, reported the incident at The Kamukunji police station. As a result, police and DCI officers were mobilised to initiate an investigation. This information was provided by Henry Zuma, the Soy Sub county police commander.

Benjamin Mwangi, who was arrested last month in a sting operation carried out by Uasin Gishu county enforcement officers targeting street families, shares his story of being stripped naked and brutally beaten with a whip by some county staff at the rescue centre, resulting in extensive body scars.

I was working on October 16th when county enforcement officers arrested me and ten others. We were then taken to a rescue centre where we were forcibly stripped, beaten and forced to spend the night naked in a dormitory,” sobbed Mwangi.

Mwangi managed to sneak out of the rescue centre and reported the incident at the Kamkukunji police station.

I implored the police officers to rescue me, displaying the severe scars inflicted upon me while imprisoned at the rescue centre. Nonetheless, I was compelled to return to the facility, although assured that I would not be subjected to further abuse.

Another victim, Mwangi David Njenga, who works at a mobile phone repair shop, recounted being forcibly loaded onto the county lorry and transported to the rescue centre, only to suffer a broken shin bone.


“I am a father and a husband with a home. On the 16th of the month, after closing my workshop, I encountered the local law enforcement officials conducting their operation. Despite my insistence that I was not a member of the street family, they arrested me. As a result, I have suffered significant physical and mental distress.” Stated Njenga

Hubzmedia’s investigation has found that male victims of torture at the rescue centre are made to wear women’s clothing as a deterrent from attempting to escape. The rescue centre’s management was aware of these atrocities but failed to take action.

Many victims are held against their will at the torture centre until their wounds have healed, before being released back onto the streets.

The police commander of Soy Sub County, Zuma, has confirmed that one of the officers who were accused of torture by the victims will be giving additional statements as the DCI officers commence their investigation into claims of human rights abuses.

“The accused county enforcement officer accompanied security officers to Kamukunji police station yesterday, where he gave a statement. The DCI officers have begun their investigations, and we will ensure that justice prevails,” confirmed Zuma.

Some human rights groups have called for the closure of the Eldoret rescue centre due to allegations of numerous human rights violations. However, the Uasin Gishu county government strongly defends the centre against such accusations and is proud of being the only county with a functional rescue centre.

The majority of torture victims from the rescue centre received treatment at both Uasin Gishu County Hospital and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The Rescue Centre was established in 2002 to accommodate homeless children saved from the streets of Eldoret and neighbouring areas.

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