Children with autism locked behind doors;denied right to education!


Joy Emanang the Operations manager of Helen Jeptoo Nuru Foundation,The foundation creates awareness on autism/Photo James Gitaka

By Dianah Chelagat

Helen Jeptoo Nuru Foundation and Step up for autism foundation have come up together to create awareness on autism and children living with autism.

Speaking at the Eldoret sports club, Joy Emanang the Operations manager of Helen Jeptoo Nuru Foundation ,said their main agenda is to normalize autism, speak about it and raise funds about it to help children living with autism and to make children feel loved and feel they are part of the society.

Joy said most people don’t know how to deal with children with autism, because those children don’t process emotions as other normal people, so they tend to act very fast with aggression. They also need tender love, patience and care which they don’t find.

“Children with Autism don’t process emotions as well as we do, they act very fast in an aggressive way and that is why normal people find it very hard to deal with them, they need love, and care so that they can feel part of the society”, said Joy.


According to Joy during this Month of autism awareness, they target autistic children especially those in Rural Areas, this is because people don’t have enough knowledge about autism they believe it is witchcraft, they end up isolating those children and hiding them.

“During this autism month we are targeting schools in Rural areas so that we can educate them and end the mentally of them thinking autism is associated with witchcraft,  and stop hiding and isolating their children, “Assured the operations manager Nuru Foundation.

Emanang said the greatest part of their mission is to demystify the myth about autism and help them understand it is just a medical condition like another.

“Autism is a medical condition  like any other it can be  managed and can be lived with, we have people who are 24 years   and they are still in primary school because nobody took them in school on time ,so our hope  as we are demystifying  autism we can have children going to school at a young age,” added joy.


According to the Autism Support Centre  4% of every 25 children suffer from autism at least 4 percent of  Kenyans have  autism.

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