Chebaywa, Ngenyilel Ward Residents Demonstrate, This is Why


Residents of Chebaywa, Ngenyilel Ward on Wednesday demonstrated  calling on president William Ruto to intervene for them to get water.

They said despite the Former CS for Finance Henry Rotich launching the project ten years ago nothing has been done.

“Today we have decided to demonstrate so that our voice can be heard Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency installed a tank here 12 years ago and despite the CS launching the program we have never received water. We are calling on president Ruto to intervene so that we may get water,” said Veronica Mengich while speaking to the press.


They said despite the Source of water being in Uasin Gishu County the water was channeled to the neighboring Kakamega County.


“It’s a pity that the source of the Water is in Uasin Gishu but we are staying without water, this is a shame our president please intervene,” she added.


Micah Kurgat says “It’s sad that the water has been taken to Kakamega County yet we the owners of the source are suffering carrying water in our backs are we less Kenya, Why did the project launched in our County if it wasn’t to help us. Where did the 40 million shillings go,”


“We have lost our livestock our yields have dropped a lot. The government is encouraging massive farming, promising to help farmers realize decent lives through farming, but has not provided a solution to the water rarity in our region. Water tanks are empty and every time we raise this grievance to the government, we are told to use other options like accessing the Western region water,” he added.


Linus Maiyo “President Ruto when you were Eldoret North MP there was a lot of development in the region, we want you to intervene for us to get water.We have tried to reach the County government area MP but in vain our only hope is our president Ruto,”


MCA Ngenyilel Ward Benjamin Natui said it’s sad that despite the project being in Uasin Gishu those benefiting from water are from the neighboring County.


“It is sad that despite the Sh 40 million being launched in Uasin Gishu by CS Rotich my residents have never benefited from the same, We are calling on our president whom we trust to intervene so that my people have water. You came while still deputy president in church St Joseph Kipakaren we told you our problems and we thank you because you heard our voice and send people who came from Lake Victoria who came and launched the water but up to now has never materialized, what we have is a just a tank without water,” he added.


He further said that the water at the Source has destroyed people’s land saying that those affected should be compensated.


“We urge presidents that if  the source of water will not benefit us the Lake Victoria North Water agency should take the source to where they are using the water instead of water destroying our land and those befitting come from another place,” he added.


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