Charity run to boost health services at Diani health center,Kwale county


Director of operations Neptune hotels East Africa- Vikram korla/Photo Caroline Kahonzi

By Caroline kahonzi


Neptune village beach  resort and spa  Diani  has partnered  with rotary club  Diani to raise funds approximately ksh 1 Million   through charity run   to facilitate good health  services at Diani health center   .


Speaking  to journalists  after  flagging off the run  at Neptune  buildings  Diani , director of operations Neptune hotels East Africa Vickram  Korla  said the partnership with rotary club has enabled  them to receive  many guests from overseas .


“  Today we are having this event on behalf of rotary  club diani ,the club was founded  in 1983 and is situated at Diani which is a very cosmopolitan tourists destination  that  receives a lot of tourists ,our club is so dynamic in that  we receive  a lot of tourists  from overseas, besides  professionals and business communities who are members of our club , we team up with rotary club overseas and anywhere in the world ,”Said Mr.Korla.


Mr. Korla said they have been doing the charity run annually before Covid- 19 pandemic targeting a certain project to the community.



“We do this run annually ,for the last three years  we suspended the run  due to  Covid-19 pandemic. Every time  we do the run we initiate a community project  ,this year we are going to help Diani health Centre  ”,Posed Mr.Korla .


On his side  Getrude Mwende  president of  The Rotary club  Diani  noted that   building  of Diani health center   by rotary club has been of great help to expectant mothers and young children .


“When rotary club started the initiative of building Diani  health center  ,we had tow mud  houses ,but we have built and equipped  the hospital  we are targeting to  raise  approximately ksh 1 million to complete this  health project  ,” Said Ms. Mwende .


Ms .Mwende said that the rotary club is aiming  at promoting environmental conservation as well as promoting water and   sanitation within the  community.


“if you join rotary club we work as a team and when we sit together we look after our community ,to become a member of rotary club you have to be a professional  an ad/or  business person,as rotarians we have to assist the community ,”Emphasized Ms.Mwende.


Ginora Wangai, a clinical officer  in charge of  Diani health centre  confirmed the efforts by the rotary club  boosting  health services especially at the maternity level ,though appealing for more funds to expand the maternity wing .


“The maternity wing  has a capacity of 8 beds and women delivery is very high upto 170  deliveries per month ,10 mothers can deliver in a day ,so it becomes a challenge to give them services at once because the wing is small ,” claimed Ms.Wangai .

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