A recruitment agency under scrutiny refunds 177 victims


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An Eldoret based recruitment agency that for the better part  of the year has been under sharp  scrutiny in the manner in which close to 4,000 youth are said to have lost their money through the agency, Thursday notified the job applicants of  the intentions to fully refund their monies.


In a letter dated 28th Dec 2022,Daniella  Jebet  of  the Communications and Public  relations relations department at the The First choice recruitment and Consultancy, urged the  affected  job applicants to reach out to the  agency,


“There were 2,011 applications made for the short term employment during the FIFA  2022 world cup,but due to unforeseen circumstances(technical) these individuals were unable to attend.In lieu of the above -177 individuals have already received their full reimbursement ,449 individuals under transfer of long term employment have been   assigned to different countries such as Poland ,Qatar,Canada, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom”


The letter  further notes  that the affected victims have 90 days to reach out to the Consultancy  as the organization rolls out  steps  to remedy The Qatar FIFA 2022 Employment applications.




However  a  section of  the  affected  youth claim some of them were  issued  with post dated  cheques  by the consultancy and after the lapse of three months they are yet to get their monies as promised while others await until nearly next year,


“Only  a  few have  received  the post dated cheques after mounting pressure to the  consultancy through demonstrations, the Consultancy has  been issuing  empty promises to the youth who made  their applications as early as 2018,we have no faith in the latest communication from the organization ,” Said Collins Kiptoo one of  the First Choice  Victims.


We will continue to fight  for our  rights ,we demand  back our money  not the empty promises, Added Collins .


Collins notes that despite pushing for their rights, they have been branded as hired goons out to tarnish the organization’s otherwise good reputation as an organization providing human resource solutions.


Over 200 affected youth have been enjoined in a legal  suit  against First Choice  recruitment and  consultancy  as  an ad  hoc committee of the  Uasin Gishu assembly  is set to begin its  first seating  into a petition against the  consultancy on 10th of January next year.


A number of First Choice  Victims on 25th Christmas day disrupted  President William Ruto’s Prayer and Thanksgiving interdenominational ceremony when they raised placards demanding  the president’s  intervention into the  First Choice and recruitment matter after Local political leaders failed to address their plight.



“We were arrested by the police and later  released uncharged,we are organizing to hold  a peaceful protest at  State House  Nairobi  next  year, we can not  rest until  this matter is  addressed to our  satisfaction” Said Kelvin Kipg’etich  another First Choice Victim who represented a majority of the dissatisfied applicants.



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