A Plea for Equal Footing: Trans Nzoia Roller Skaters Seek Recognition and Support


Kitale roller skating students during a training session

Members of the sporting community in Trans Nzoia county have expressed their dismay over the deplorable condition of sports fields and the lack of support, asserting that the county government has displayed a disproportionate focus on soccer at the expense of other sports.

The Kitale Roller Skating Team Kenya, representing the collective voice of the sports fraternity, has characterized the county government’s apparent neglect of other sports as a deliberate effort to undermine their significance. Gershom Isanda, a member of the team, articulated this sentiment, stating, “Look all over; they have organized soccer tournaments, but for other sports, no one from the governor, senator, women rep, neither MPs nor MCAs have thought of setting up a tournament.”

Addressing the challenges faced by the skaters, Isanda emphasized the lack of proper training facilities and sponsorship, forcing them to utilize worn-out shoes. He remarked, “Look where we practice along this ACK back street with constant worry of injuries. Two of our members broke their legs while dodging boda boda riders due to the absence of a suitable training ground.”

Expressing their plea for assistance, the skaters urged the county government and well-wishers to intervene and support their beloved sport. Isanda highlighted the financial constraints, stating, “One pair of skating boots is 50,000, and we need two for practice and tournaments, but we cannot afford them as we depend on our parents for kitting.”

The sports community’s concerns are further amplified as the county plans to construct a new sports facility, neglecting the roller skating team without prior consultation. Amol Zachary, a founder of the sport, remarked, “They are coming up with a multi-million facility, but they have only taken care of soccer and other games, leaving us out despite the numerous trophies and medals we have amassed for this country. Let them construct a skating park for us to develop our ability.”

Youth leaders, led by Brian Mutaki, have joined the chorus, urging the county government to reconsider its stance and inclusively embrace a variety of sports. Mutaki emphasized the need for the county government to recognize and support the talented sportsmen and women who have dedicated their time to represent the county and the nation at large. He urged, “Let this county government wake up from their slumber and do something.”

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