A petition to Kenya and Finland governments,reveals of Human trafficking!


Finland-Kenya petition

A Kenyan  living in Helsinki, Finland has  petitioned  both the Kenya and the Finland  government over claims of human trafficking in the  name of Education tourism.

Elizabeth Mokkonen who is married to a fin says many of  the Kenyan Students studying in Finland have  been forced to engage in prostitution in order to survive.

 In her  petition that’s seeks close  to 500 signatures ,Elizabeth claims many of the Kenyan Students  in Finland are living in pathetic conditions despite  having  sold most of  their properties back home in order to raise  fees for  an education program that was not  well informed ,

“Families have sold land, taken hefty loans to assist their children to  come study in Finland with lies from Kenyan agents plus their fake county representatives who made Families to get into contracts they know nothing about. Families were lied to about their children making millions,  some left their good lives in Kenya,  well paying jobs, their families, only to come go  without food and be chased from their houses. No jobs as promised , as you must be able to speak the Finnish Language in order  to work” She  says

Elizabeth further claims many of the Students and their parents have no knowledge of the contracts they signed which have since been hidden from them by their agents and partly some of the county governments involved in Finland Education program,

“The monsters within. The angels of Darkness. The heartless humans. What is inside these contracts? What were the students and their families signing for? Why hide these contracts? We need to give updates on the ROT within and without the Finnish and Kenyan governments that  lead to a student committing suicide on the 18th 04.2023 in Finland  and many more left depressed and at the verge of death” She Claims  in her petition.

The Petitioner notes that  Students and their families are made to pay between  Ksh 170,000 and Ksh 220,000  per  semester with the pretence that the government will be sponsoring them.

This she  claims has led  to many of them getting into depression , some into prostitution and unfortunately one has committed suicide .

The petition seeks both the Kenya and  Finland government to unveil the faces behind the so-called agents who lavish in money as students suffer in the Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia.

The petition comes at a time when 10 Nursing students out of  the 25  from Nandi County and  who are  currently pursuing a practical training top-up program in Finland  have been issued a 30 day notice of termination of  services for failing to pay their school fees as agreed in a  document  signed  between the County government of  Nandi and Edusampo Ltd  Ceo Terhi Toikkanen June 2022.



“Tuition for the students already in Finland will stop,which also means they will have to leave the country within thirty days as their residence is justified by the studies” The notification reads in part as seen by the Hubzmedia.

Various quarters are however  questioning the involvement of Governors in the Finland Education program?

In Kenya, the County governments, through the county education boards are tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the operation and management of Pre-primary education programs,village polytechnics, home-craft centres and childcare  facilities .

Uasin Gishu county, Nandi, and  Elgeiyo marakwet are some of the North Rift counties that continue to support various Educational programs in Finland and other parts of the world.

The Uasin Gishu County Assembly is on record  having questioned  the Finland education  program following a petition that was  raised in the assembly  regarding the fate of hundreds of  Uasin Gishu students in the said country.


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