130 people were killed by police last year;Nairobi county ranks highest!


130 People died in the hands of the Police officers last year,Nairobi leads,

Missing voices have published an accountability Now 2022 annual report, which contains data of police killings and enforced disappearances in all the counties in the Republic of Kenya.

Missing Voices’ aim is to end police killings and enforced disappearances in Kenya and call for justice for the families of the victims. They help survivors and victims’ families get justice and for police to be accountable of their actions

In the Annual report ,Missing Voices has documented 130 cases of police killings and 22 cases of enforced disappearances in 2022, bringing the total number to 152. This compared to 2021, where missing voices documented 186 cases of police killings and 36 cases of enforced disappearances, the report indicates a 31.5% drop.

Police killings dropped by 30.1% and disappearances by 38%.

Nairobi County ranks as the highest in police killings with 53 cases and 11 cases of enforced disappearances; most cases were as a result of anti-crime operations that police conducted in various parts of the county.

Youth residing in poor neighborhoods in urban centers are the most affected by police killings and enforced disappearances and male youth are prone to be victims. As opposed to men, most police killings of women resulted from gender-based violence. Five women were killed due to personal arguments or gender-based violence, while a stray bullet killed one.

Hawo hirbo boba whose son was killed by police has shown sorrow on how police killing has affected her family as she narrated on how her son Dono was brutally murdered and left lying on the ground.

“I received a phone call around 9pm on January 29, 2022. The distress phone call was from Dono’s wife. She was in tears. We took a motorcycle ride to his house and when we arrived there was a lot of confusion. I was shocked to discover I was at the crime scene and that state agents had murdered my son. He was shot by one of the police officers who was after him. The alleged cop was apprehended. We attempted to track the case progress by following up. Until now, we have no idea how it is progressing.” Hawo opined.

Missing Voices is a group of organizations whose mission is to end enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in Kenya.

By Winner Nang’ida.

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