1,000 needy students benefit from Equity bank’s Wings to fly programs


Chizi chikoko mwachizi a beneficiary from Mbita primary school in Kinango Sub county

By Caroline Kahonzi


At least 16 students who completed Kenya certificate of primary school education in Kwale County are among 1,000 students in Kenya who benefited from wings to fly scholarships program from  Equity bank 2023.


The program sees bright children from poor backgrounds who scored 350 marks and above in their KCPE 2022.


Speaking to journalists  during flagging off ceremony of the beneficiaries who are expected to  join other beneficiaries in Kenya at  Pangani girls high school in Nairobi  for    three days sessions of preparations  held   at  equity bank Ukunda branch  Jacob Akida equity bank manager Kwale town  branch said the program has so far  benefitted  48,009  children  apart  from the 1000 beneficiaries enrolled this year’s country wide  .

Wings to fly beneficiaries and equity board of management/Photo  By Caroline Kahonzi


“ I want to appreciate our 2022 candidates for  their good performance, we received close to 1000 applications for bright and needy students ,we followed our criteria and managed to get the 16 candidates required to benefit this year ,since we started wings to fly scholarship program 48,009 children has  benefited  apart from the 1000 that we enrolled this year ,seventeen thousands  eight hundred  and twenty  students among the forty eight and nine thousands have joined different universities ,three thousand seven hundred  and twenty have joined technical vocational education trainings TVETS ,seven hundred and sixty one students have joined universities abroad ,like Harvard university  ,this is a great  achievement to Kenyans and equity bank at large ,”Said Mr.Akida .


Mr. Akida  said the students will fully benefit from the scholarship so as not to leave any  student  behind .

Jacob Akida manager equity bank kwale branch


“since we started Kwale town equity branch 2013 because we had only one branch in Ukunda ,we enrolled more than five hundred and sixty students under wings to fly ,these children benefit fully from the program ,full school fees payment ,travel expenses, all school requirements and even school trips and after they complete their KCSE  and obtain grade A or A-we enroll them to another program equity leadership program as they prepare to join universities across the world  and also the bank supports students who qualifies to do medicine ,saying the aim of equity projects is support the community  ,”Posed Mr.Akida .


He is now calling upon parents to take   responsibilities  of their children despite being supported  by equity bank .


“I understand these children are under equity bank but they will remain to be  your children.I want parents to guide them well and tell them the importance of education ,this is their future so we want them to be role models in the society and assist others ,”Said Mr.Akida .


A beneficiary Chizi  Chikoko Mwachizi from Mbita primary school in Kinango sub county  who scored 357  marks despite  living  in a tough environment  resulting from  climate change said her dream is to be a dentist .


“ I’m the last born in a family of 12 children ,my siblings are all learned but are jobless ,my parents are also jobless depending on charcoal burning business ,I’m  thankful to equity bank for giving me this opportunity ,I promise to work hard and achieve my dream of becoming a dentist and assist my family and community at large ,I want to challenge my fellow students to work hard equity is there to support every bright child from poor background to fulfill their dreams ,”urged Ms Mwachizi .


Her sentiments were expressed by Abdullah Mwaruwa Tsungu, a beneficiary   from Maledi primary school in Lungalunga Sub County who scored 383 marks saying it is through this program that his dream of becoming a pilot will come true.


“ I don’t take this chance for granted because I know where I come from ,I have been on and off of school because of school fees ,at times I was forced to remain at home for weeks and look for casual jobs to cater for my school expenses  because my parents are jobless ,I want to thank equity bank for this program that guarantees me a chance of proceeding with my studies I promise to work hard and achieve my goals in life ,Ii has been a childhood dream to become a pilot and here is the chance ,”Said Mr.Tsungu .



Kwale county Early Childhood Director ECDE  Abdalla Bilashaka who represented the county  executive committee of education during the flag off ceremony   applauded the equity bank for their continued  efforts of supporting bright needy students in Kwale county saying the project aims at transforming  lives of  Kwale residents .



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